Cypionate 250 mg/10ml


Testoterone Cypionate, USP 29, Micronized grade

Recipe: C27H40O3(CAS-58-20-8, ATC-G03BA03)
Atomic Weight: 412.6 gm/mol
Dynamic life: 15-16 days
Recognition time: 90 days
Anabolic/Androgenic proportion: 100:100

Cypionate® is a steroid compound that is portrayed synthetically as 17β-Hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one cyclopentanepropionate. It is the central chemical of the testis. The ester, Cypionate, is a white or velvety white glasslike powder, scentless or has a slight smell that is insoluble in water, openly dissolvable in liquor, solvent in vegetable oil. Esterification of the 17 beta-hydroxy gathering produces intensifies which have a more drawn out length of activity

Cypionate® is a sterile arrangement of Testosterone Cypionate USP29, micronized grade in Miglyol 840, Ethyl oleate, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl liquor.


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